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How you can help!


SPUC Scotland needs your help to continue campaigning. The abortion movement is continually working to push the agenda of ‘choice’, which falsely promotes abortion as a ‘reproductive right’ that women are entitled to. They defend a woman’s ‘right to choose’ without defending the life of her unborn child and her own wellbeing. Through organisations such as ARCH (Abortion Recovery Care), the damage that is done to women by abortion is seen in its full weight – and it is the pro-life movement that opens their arms to these women, dealing with the damage that is done by the abortion industry. Abortion does not liberate women, it hurts them – and we will continue working to protect women from this lie and children from the fate that results from it. There is no right to abortion, but there is a right to life and it is being ignored. In Scotland alone, 33 lives are lost daily. 8 million abortions have taken place in the UK since abortion was legalised. Too many lives have been lost. Too many women have been hurt. We cannot give up on our efforts to make sure abortion comes to an end.

There are many ways you can help defend the right to life of the unborn child and protect women from abortion damage — and, really, every little bit helps.


We invite you to make use of our newly refurbished website. There is a wide range of information available including answers to pro-life FAQ’s, pre-natal screening info, pregnancy support info, our youth blog and much more!

If you are a member of a pro-life group in Scotland, we would be more than happy to help advertise your events on our website.

Want to join or set up a local group?

SPUC Scotland has several branches across the country. A branch of SPUC is a group of SPUC members working in unison with the society as a whole to gain the protection of the law for all unborn children. It is a local team of the society which works on a grassroots level, raising awareness, raising funds and influencing the community through leafleting, letters to the local press and organising public events.

The branches we currently have are located in the following places:

  • Aberdeen
  • Banff & Buchan
  • Dumbarton
  • Dundee
  • East Dunbartonshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Inverclyde
  • Linlithgow
  • North Ayrshire

If you would like to join or start a branch, please get in touch with us!


Our volunteers are extremely valuable to SPUC Scotland’s work. All of our branch members are volunteers and without them our work would cease to exist. We’re currently focussing on increasing opportunities for volunteers to get involved; from tasks such as running stalls at conferences, to blogging for us, to fundraising.

Project TruthIf you are aged between 16 – 30, we would encourage you to join our Project Truth street outreach team, which brings the pro-life message to the streets of Scotland each month.

If you have a skill that you think will be useful to the SPUC Scotland campaign, please get in touch!

‘In kind’ donations

Are you able to sponsor campaign materials? This could include banners, leaflets, branded merchandise and more! Maybe you can help us by giving us a hand with a service? This could mean covering our bulk printing or mail outs from your office, for example.

To donate in kind, please contact the office on the details below.

Premium Draw

By signing up to our monthly draw, you can win up to £100 by taking part; it costs just £1 per week to enter!

If you would sign up please email

Join Us

SPUC is one of the few remaining grass roots, nationwide, membership-based organisation campaigning on pro-life issues. As a voluntary organization that receives no government funding, SPUC relies on your help to fund its work. Becoming a member of the Society is one way you can help to support SPUC’s campaigns in defence of human life. Members receive the Society’s full-colour Pro-Life Times newspaper twice yearly, all the latest pro-life news, a special membership ‘Tiny Feet’ pin badge, as well as opportunities to shape the policy of the Society and play an important role in how it is governed.

Standard annual: £15

Student annual:

Concessionary annual: £5

Life membership: £500

Go public with your pro-life convictions

From tweeting, liking and talking about SPUC Scotland to talking more generally about pro-life issues — starting the conversation, and contributing to it in a compassionate way, are vitally important. For every retweet, like and comment of public support we get, we build our fantastic pro-life community and extend the reach of the pro-life voice.

Talk to us, find us!

Follow us on Twitter @spucscotland

Facebook – ‘SPUC Scotland’ and ‘Project Truth

Email us at either info@spucscotland or

t. 0141 2212094

75 Bothwell Street


G2 6TS



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