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“We Trust Women”


The slogan “We trust women” doesn’t carry too much weight

If looked at in the light of its propounders’ acts to date;

They’ve failed to put forth all the facts – or any facts at all

Which might make any client feel she should decide to stall.

Until she’s asked more questions and is really well informed,

For knowledge will quite likely see her former views transformed.

They don’t ensure she’s well aware of how her baby’s grown,

And each developmental stage is thoroughly made known.

They don’t make sure she’s seen the scans and know just what is there,

Considered whether ending her unborn baby’s life is fair.

They don’t suggest adoption, or attempt to point the way

To all the help on offer if she lets her baby stay.

They fail to stress the side effects, which often  follow on,

Occurring  months or even years after her baby’s gone.

They don’t’ discuss the truth that sometimes things go badly wrong,

So later she can’t have the child for which by then they long.

They don’t point out the ethics or the actions they propose,

Explaining all in simple terms, ensuring that she knows.

Yes, women can be trusted if they’re given all the facts,

But this is where those people tend to be extremely lax.


by Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE


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