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The right thing’s done – my daughter on my arm –

She can go straight back to Uni and work for her degree –

We can be the happy people, as she flicks her lucky charm,

That in days of peace at Birmingham we once were, blithe and free:

She can be my little girl once more, and that boyfriend that she knew

Can be passed into oblivion as I’m sure it’s right to do –


Okay, she’s tense and nervous still, and there’s no happy grin,

Preoccupied with bangles, and keeps looking at the floor –

We step out to the world again; the scandal’s in the bin,

And the lark is on the rose-bush, and the sun is on the moor –

And we’ve done the proper thing, I think – I know it’s for the best,

And her B.Sc., her future, can be warrant for the rest.


She’s not the happy Catherine that we took once to the sea;

She was such a ray of sunshine, and had ever smiles for me;

I know she’s much too sombre for a girl who’s been made free,

Much too solemn for the season, and that shadow’s passed to me.


Why does it seem the summer has been covered with a screen,

Why fields are full of thistles, but are never properly green?

Why does she keep so silent and preoccupied, and why

Does she end each conversation with a shrug and with a sigh?

Why doesn’t she look up at all, or see that speeding tram,

As she crosses in a hurry to avoid a passing pram?


She’s safe across the street, though – but now I see her pace

And the cold and blank expression that’s disfiguring her face.

Why should she be so dull and slow – so woebegone and wrecked,

When we took the right decision and we knew it was correct?

A cloud comes over Sheffield, and she walks off in the gloom,

To study for her finals, and be happy, I presume.


                                                – Joseph Biddulph 1st December 2015

Joe was born in Birmingham in 1951, but lives in South Wales.  He and wife Margaret have five children and ten grandchildren.  Joe has been a pro-life activist for years and is a member of SPUC Council. In 2003 he was arrested in Newport for campaigning for the Pro-Life Alliance in the elections for seats in the Welsh Assembly.  Joe spent 5 hours in jail, before being acquitted.  He also protests against the new Welsh law which enables organs to be seized for transplanting without consent, and at the support Welsh Water offers to Water Aid, who have a pro-abortion policy.


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