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Babies are such precious things, they all deserve to live,

Receiving all the love and care the world has there to give;

The sceptre of abortion over none of them should loom,

And yet today the deadliest place for them is in the womb.

For once a child is born its life’s protected by the law,

And no-one has a legal right to kill it any more.


Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE



More than half a million abortions in Scotland since 1967 performed here and including women travelling to England – Scottish Government statitics 2014 ICDN.

Over 90% of babies with Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida will be aborted following prenatal testing.  A bus load of babies a day are aborted in Scotland.

Belgium & Netherlands use Groningen protocol to kill infants and children – how long till Scotland does.   CHOOSE LIFE not DEATH CULTURE.

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