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Eileen Morrison pro-life campaigner and WRITE to LIFE poet responds to the new pro-abortion campaign “We Trust Women”




Come join the pro life feminists, the girls who really care

About the good of women, and be part of those who dare

Defend the rights of mothers and their babies who might fall

Down the well-know “pro choice” route, from which there’s no recall.

For once a child’s aborted, there’s no way to bring it back

And mothers often choose that route because there is a lack

Of feminists who are pro life, proclaiming every day

If pregnancy equals crises, there is many another way

Of sorting all the problems out, and that without recourse

To clinics who’ll destroy your child, so you’re left with remorse

Which may well blight your future thoughts for many years to come,

With memories that leave you feeling quite depressed and numb.




As feminists our duty is to seek for what is right

And work and pray “pro choicers” will be led to see the light;

Refuting all the claims they make’s an excellent place to start

By showing that they do not have the woman’s good at heart.

For that is something they assert in much of what they say,

Hoping all the pro life facts will quietly float away.

And that’s where pro life feminists can really show their worth,

For they can’t be dismissed as cranks, who never will give birth.

They’re aware of all the crises that a pregnancy can bring,

And equally they know that it is always right to cling

To ways of solving problems for the mother and the child

Showing how the rights of both can then be reconciled.

For feminists care very much about a woman’s place

Within the world where women make up half the human race.

They want a world where women can be confident and strong,

Where they are not encouraged to do something which is wrong.

For though on many lands it’s legal, at the present time

And therefore not regarded in those countries as a crime,

As feminists we always should make sure that we refute

Those who say that women should go down the “pro choice” route,

Not only since abortion always has the end result,

Of only one survivor, that’s the woman by default,

But also as in many lands, they don’t want baby girls,

And in those countries often sex selection then unfurls,

So baby girls don’t get to live; in spite of all the joys

That babies bring, for “pro choice” usually favours baby boys.




There’s never a baby who’s ever “pro choice”

They’d all be pro life if they yet had a voice,

For right from conception they all start to strive

To live and to grow; this seems to derive

From something within them, which always is part

Of a new baby’s make-up, that’s there from the start.

It’s amazing how babies will all fight to live,

In those situations with little to give.

They don’t really care if their world is quite poor;

A child in the womb simply seeks nothing more

Than to live; if they could they would shout out aloud:

“Abortion of babies should not be allowed.”




I stand on the pavement, my banner held high,

And pray all the time no more babies will die

At the clinic where we are all standing outside,

Feeling within us a slight sense of pride

That we are a part of the battle to end

The laws of our country which  currently send

So many babies who’ve not yet been born

To a premature death; I long for the dawn

Of an era when children are valued and loved,

And when they are tiny are no longer shoved

Out of the way, just as if they weren’t real,

With all of the fervour and missionary zeal

Of people whose living depends on the right

Of much troubled women to push out of sight,

The child in their womb, when people should say:

“Don’t worry – there’s always a much better way

To deal with the crisis in which you’ve been caught;

Don’t even consider that you should abort

The child you are carrying; whatever your load

There’s no need for a woman to go down that road.


Eileen Morrison




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