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Feminists Should be Pro Life

It’s usually thought that feminists will always be “pro-choice”,

With little interest in the plight of those who have no voice,

Like tiny babies in the womb, or maybe not so small,

Who til the day when they are born lack any rights at all.

But surely every feminist should really be pro life,

Since it’s the case, in many lands, not wanting girls is rife.

And baby girls are more at risk in places it’s denied

The coming of a little girl can be a source of pride.

Feminism’s all about achieving equal rights

So women just as much as men can scale the highest heights,

So much of women’s struggles in the past involved their state

As chattels of another who could then decide their fate,

Since they weren’t independent and could not go off alone –

A concept nearly everyone today would not condone.

So why should women now decide where babies are concerned

Any thoughts of rights for them should rapidly be spurned,

Just because for nine short months  all babies must depend

Entirely on their mothers, til the pregnancy’s at end.

Surely every feminist who stops to think will see,

Just how inconsistent such an attitude must be,

For if their rights flow out from just the fact that they exist

Then babies’ rights must also of this basic fact consist.


Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE

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