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Don’t Stop a Beating Heart


Let me be clear, right from the start

Please I beg you!

Don’t stop this heart!


Doctor to save life, it is your oath

Please don’t be a hypocrite!

Administer to both!


Mother’s decision goes round in her head

Please don’t be a Mum

To a baby’s who’s dead!


A ludicrous choice from which you must depart

Please I beg you!

Don’t stop this heart!


Apparent  freedom for pregnancy

Will only be fleeting!

Inside your womb, this heart is still beating!


A life for you both, you can restart

I’m begging you please, down on my knees

Don’t ever stop a beating heart!


Core Principles

Selective Support


Where are all the feminist heroes

Who say it’s their right to be heard?

In Irvine I don’t hear you talking!

Never a word!


Both parents they wanted this baby

Although she was born premature

They thought you would back up their cause

You were demure!


The Doctor gave up didn’t try

The Doctor ‘A Man’ made the choice

The baby was left there to die

Where was your voice?


Some women their causes you fight.

For others, you hold your breath.

You only appear to be active

When women choose death!


Written by Allison Black for WRITE to LIFE


Allison Black has been a lifelong campaigner within the prolife movement and is married with one child and three grandchildren.  Black became a trained Crisis Pregnancy Counsellor in the early 1990’s. Trained by the Innocents then supplemented with the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate.









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