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crying on phone

She picks up the phone,

Trembling with fear.

To whom can she turn,

Who’s there to hear?


At the end of the line

Will there be judgment and blaming?

Wait, it’s a sympathetic ear,

No hint of shaming.


It comes out in torrents,

All jumbled up,

Thoughts she can barely

Put into words.


“My mum doesn’t know,

My boyfriend’s so mad,

He says to get rid of it,

He won’t be a dad.


My friend says it’s easy

To nip in the bud,

But I know her tears,

Just why she’s so sad?


Maybe I should

Do as they say,

But I saw something in school

It won’t let me obey.


A video clip

Not 5 minutes long,

It said there’s a heartbeat

At 21 days.


I’m scared and alone,

Not ready for this

Please, what can I do

To fix everything?”


“You’re not alone

We’ll do all we can

There’s counsel and care,

Help and compassion.


We care for your baby,

We care for you too,

Choose life for this wee one,

Choose life for you too.

Now we’re not saying

That it will be easy

Bringing life to this world

May take all the strength you have.


But life is inside you,

Growing each day,

Depending on you,

Awaiting your say.


It may be hard,

It may cost a lot,

But in the long term,

You won’t regret it.


Whether you raise him or not,

Whether he goes to another,

Life is the answer,

You can face it whatever.”


By Kirsty Ferrier


Help in a Crisis Pregnancy:  Don’t Stop a Beating Heart, the new anti-abortion campaign led by SPUC Scotland is an umbrella for a number of groups.  All groups would gladly help a woman in a crisis pregnancy.  Especially Sr Roseann and Sr Andrea, Cardinal Winning Initiative on 0141 433 2680

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