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A reason to Wait


If you suddenly find you are pregnant, and don’t want the child in your womb,

Just stop and think for a moment, for everything isn’t all gloom;

The thought of big changes in lifestyle may cause you to panic at first

But looking at all that could happen, a baby is far from the worst.

Your hormones may fluctuate wildly, so making you feel quite depressed,

Irrational, fearful and tearful, quite nauseous, and all the rest.

But all that should pass fairly quickly, and then your perceptions may change,

As everything goes back to normal, and you yourself don’t feel so strange.

And when all the waiting is over, and you have your small child in your arms,

You may find, like so many mothers, you’re quite overwhelmed by its charms.

But if you still feel you don’t want it, or simply can’t cope with a child,

Of one thing you can be quite certain, you definitely won’t be reviled

If you give it up for adoption; there are plenty out there who’d adore

To take your child into their family, and love it for ever more.

Time may solve most of your problems, as many would surely avow,

So don’t make a hasty decision, just based on the way you feel now.


Written by Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE

Eileen, a life long prolife campaigner, was inspired for this poem by attending a FortyDays4Life “Ending Abortion” conference recently.

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