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A Plea from an Unborn Boy

When the egg by the sperm was fertilised
My breath began new life realised.
Growing and forming in my cocoon
Safe within my mother’s womb.
Or so I thought when first I arrived
Not knowing I may not survive.
I could hear the sound of my mother’s tears
And felt her anguish and her fears.
But let me be born to be your baby
To hold your hand and then just maybe
You’ll find out that I am a joy
Your growing little baby boy,
Who’ll care for you when you are ill
When you are old and when you’re frail.
So let me step outside your womb
As Jesus rose out from the tomb
Please let me escape the surgeon’s knife
Who is about to end my life
And let me love you as I will,
Your son, your baby, growing still

Bernadette McCluskey for WRITE to LIFE


Berni has defended the rights of the unborn for many years with SPUC Scotland and acts with Glasgow’s AGAP  to use her creative talents for the glory of God and evangelisation.  Berni’s enthusiasm encouraged Write to Life to set up in October 2015.  This is Berni in her latest role in ‘Among Women’ www.lentfest.co.uk’

AGAP Poster   Berni

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