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A Baby can be Adopted


For too many people a child in the womb

Is greeted on with horror, and anger and gloom;                   ,

Something not planned for, and certain to change

Their lives ever after unless they arrange

To visit and clinic and sort it all out,

For having a child’s not what life’s all about.

So goes their thinking, but they are so wrong,

Relationships mean a child might come along,

And once it’s conceived it’s a real girl or boy,

And should be then welcomed with love and great joy.

Of course if will change things, as children all do;

In the past people coped; today’s parents can too.

But if they both feel they can’t manage to raise

Their child by themselves, there’re thousands who’ll praise

Their decision to let the child live and then opt

To allow someone loving their babe to adopt.


Written by Eileen Morrison

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