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holding baby up

In deep gratitude and respect for the Glasgow 40 Days for Life vigil participants


To a Saved Baby

The first time I looked on your tiny wee face

I was glad I’s encouraged to finish the race

And allow you to live, instead of destroy

The sweet little girl who has brought me such joy.

My future seemed hopeless that day in the past

With so many problems, unending and vast;

I couldn’t face having a baby and so

The only solution seemed you’d have to go.

I booked my appointment, but outside the gate,

Almost as if they were lying in wait

For me to arrive, were a group deep in prayer,

Something I didn’t expect to be there.

They gave me a card with a number to ring

If I felt I would like to discuss anything,

When I came out I spoke to the girl once again,

She offered me help and that moment was when

The first ray of hope  for my future was sown

As I realised that I was no longer alone.

I decided to keep you, and though still afraid,

My worries eventually started to fade.

And now you are here, though my life might be hard,

With love and devotion to you it is starred.



by Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE


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