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Women WE Trust! –       Glasgow Midwife Mary Doogan on Woman’s Hour

Mary Connie

Mary with Connie Wood

The Royal College of Midwives chief executive, Cathy Warwick, has come out this week in support of a campaign calling for abortion to be completely decriminalised and any time limit to be scrapped.  Effectively then, advocating for abortion on demand.   The campaign she is supporting is ‘We Trust Women‘ which commenced in February led by the British Pregnancy Advisory board which, surprise surprise, Warwick also chairs.

Glasgow midwife Mary Doogan was interviewed alongside Cathy Warwick on Woman’s Hour this week.  Rose Docherty, a SPUC supporter has written this lettter to Woman’s hour.  It’s time to support the Women WE Trust! from the ‘We Trust Women‘ campaign that purports to help women but only deceives them.  Abortion is not a great freedom – it is the ending of one life and very often the start of immeasurable pain for the woman.     Thanks to Rose for her letter –


Dear Woman’s Hour

I listened with great interest and fascination to the discussion on the decriminalisation of abortion on Woman’s Hour 18th May. The discussion opened by allowing each participant to state their view.

Mary Doogan as a clearly consummate professional defined her role as a midwife. The midwife has two patients mother and child. Throughout the course of the discussion she referred to her care for both women and children never conceding for one moment that as a midwife she has anything other than two patients, mother and baby. That is what brings the woman and the midwife together.  According to Mary Doogan it is not possible for a midwife to ‘turn off’ her compassion for either of her patients.

Mary’s compassion was clearly evident when she further mentioned her voluntary work with post abortive women. Her words were profoundly and soundly compassionate.

By contrast the Chief Executive of the RCM, Cathy Warwick, talked only about women and women’s rights. No mention of the victim child. We heard the usual references to hard cases for  women’s justification of decriminalising abortion. Abortion advocates don’t talk about unborn children. It would seem that they are incapable of doing so.

This was evidenced during the following discussion segment when Mary Doogan only had to refer to ‘the baby’ to set off what seemed like an instinctive need in Jenny Murray to interrupt and cut her off. Indeed this instinct to deny the existence of ‘the baby’ was further evidenced by Jenny Murray’s constant use of the term ‘fetus’ when ‘echoing’  Mary Doogan’s comment back to Cathy Warwick for her response despite the fact that  Mary never once referred to the child as ‘a fetus’.

To be fair to Jenny Murray, she made a passable attempt at balance when she challenged Cathy Warwick on her claim that as Chief Executive of the RCM she had the backing of the RCM membership and Board to campaign for the decriminalisation of abortion but nevertheless  let her off the hook when she prevaricated in her response.

I do believe that as I type there is a strong public challenge being waged against this most spurious claim.

As I said an interesting and fascinating discussion.

Congratulations to Mary Doogan for a dignified defence of the defenceless against all the odds

Rose Docherty


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