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In the wake of the terrible decision in Texas this week which shows clearly the abortion industry’s disregard for women…

Women Need to Know

For most operations and possibly all,

There’s always a risk, though it’s often quite small,

That things will go wrong, and that this will result

In permanent harm, though it’s nobody’s fault.

And doctors and hospitals try to ensure

They make known the risks, however obscure;

Except in the case where abortion’s concerned,

And it’s only later most women have learned

Of after-effects that will last all their days,

And change their whole lives in quite serious ways.

Sometimes the damage may turn out quite mild,

But in others it  means that can’t carry a child

For more than four months, so they cannot survive,

Even though they may be still born alive.

And if they arrive a bit later they may,

Still suffer damage which won’t go away.

Increased risk of breast cancer’s also ignored,

So women can’t take that enhanced risk on board;

And no-one is likely to mention to her,

That mental health issues may later occur.

And for her lost child she may constantly grieve,

And then when she wants, find she cannot conceive.

Instead with an attitude that should appal,

She is assured there are no risks at all.

It’s time all abortionists needed to tell

Their patients the risks, short and long-term as well,

And then give them plenty of time to decide,

On the basis they now have their eyes open wide.


Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE

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