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The White Flower Appeal is SPUC Scotland’s main source of income. For the past 30 years many churches, especially RC Churches, have held the WFA for SPUC Scotland, during which the Society explains the importance of pro-life issues, details SPUC Scotland’s work and appeals for financial help and personal support.  In Scotland the WFA in RC Churches takes place in different dioceses throughout the year. In each diocese the talks are usually spread out over the course of one month, covering all the Sunday Masses in those parishes which agree to host the appeal.  In other Churches/places of worship/gatherings WFAs can take place at any time of the year.

Become a White Flower helper

We rely primarily on volunteers for this appeal and are always in need of new speakers, local area contacts and collectors to help the appeal run smoothly.

For speakers the talks cater to required time slots but on average they take about 3-5 minutes to deliver.  Most appeals take place in places of worship at weekend services so you will have to have some weekend free time available to help with the appeals.

Collectors and local area contacts are required to help promote, co-ordinate and arrange appeals in your local area and help with the collection of the appeals.

For more information on being a White Flower appeal helper or to volunteer please contact SPUC Scotland at: info@spucscotland.org or call: 0141 221 2094

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