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The Saving of Me

My mother thought she couldn’t cope

with facing life, devoid of hope;

alone and pregnant, due to rape,

abortion seemed the one escape;

but on arrival at the door,

she heard a voice say:

“Let’s think more –

about the baby in your womb;

no matter what, life’s not all gloom.

for there is help for girls like you,

whose options now seem all too few.”

She turned and saw a smiling face

She’d not expected at that place.

“Please take a leaflet and feel free

to call, whatever the time may be.”

While sitting waiting for her turn,

With quite a lot of time to turn,

She idly read the leaflet through,

as there was nothing else to do,

and thought she’d try the number first

before her appointment; for at worst

there’d be no help, and she’d go on,

and very soon I would be gone.

But there was help; she turned around,

And left the clinic; for she’d found

Someone who cared and said that they

Could help her find another way,

So she could keep her growing child;

I really think I may have smiled,

When I heard the news, I was to live,

Knowing I had so much to give.

And now I’m here, and so adored,

She’s really pleased I’ve come on board.


Eileen Morrison for WRITE to LIFE

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