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Tiny Feet  SPUC Scotland’s New Tiny Feet Club – a Resounding Success!  WP_20160614_13_19_37_Pro

“One of the reasons I chose to undertake this was when it was initially pitched to the Head Teacher Mrs Bridie La Combre, many colleagues felt Primary was too early for this type of topic and I was in agreement.  I have to admit though to being able and willing to promote this now amongst colleagues or parents as I feel it is pitched at the right level and certainly doesn’t ‘indoctrinate’ pupils in a particular ideology, but lets them explore the precious nature of God’s gift of life”

Thom McGougan – who led the pilot for the Tiny Feet club

Teacher at St Angela’s RC primary school Glasgow


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Tiny Feet club involves an upper primary group of pupils over one academic year meeting voluntarily for about forty minutes a week.  It is a flexible resource though and so allows stand-alone lessons to upper primary and early secondary pupils too.  The potential is considerable and some schools are using it as a basis for activity to achieve Pope Francis Awards in Primary school and Caritas awards in secondary schools.

“The primary focus is to nurture an appreciation for the value and wonder of human life. This is done in a fun-filled approach to learning through games, quizzes, discussion and creative activities

… there has been considerable feedback from our initial trial conducted in St Angela’s primary school Glasgow. This has revealed that there are many other benefits for schools and the pupils who participate in the club.   Namely, the confidence gain obvious in the participants of tiny feet club.  It lends itself to allow non-Catholics to be involved in activities for gaining Pope Francis and Caritas awards. This is because it is based on natural law and verifiable science which endorses the Catholic view on human life issues but is also acceptable to all persons of good will” 

says John Deighan, CEO SPUC Scotland


Pro-life Communities

This initiative has considerable potential to help re-create a culture of life in Scotland and indeed beyond since schools in England have already shown an interest and two English schools have already commenced using the first edition of the pack.

The Tiny Feet Club will be the seed for growing a variety of pro-life communities and community initiatives. The first community is the group itself but the extended group will include family and teachers. In addition the creation of paintings, models, poetry etc by the participants creates the opportunity to bring a wider group together to display and celebrate the work of the group members.

SPUC Scotland hopes to be able to build towards national prize -giving for materials created during the club meetings and to have events which bring together parents and teachers with their children to showcase their work.


Want to know more about Tiny Feet Club?

Speak to Rachel McKenzie on 0141 221 2094

or email


SPUC Scotland’s Project Truth team regularly speak to children who visit their stall with their families

are naturally inquisitive about life and have loads of questions about the baby’s journey in the womb!

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