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This Saturday, 20th April 2013, SPUC Scotland will be launching its new youth led campaign – Project Truth.

Young people from all around Scotland will gather to bring the pro-life message to the public, with the message – life is beautiful. Our project will focus on the development of the child in the womb before 10 weeks gestation, because this is when most abortions take place in Scotland. The slogan we are using is: ‘For some of us…10 weeks is a lifetime’. Our leaflets have been designed by the wonderful Irish organisation Youth Defence, who were the inspiration behind this Project. These leaflets simply contain the development facts of the baby in the first 10 weeks of their life in the womb, facts that many people will not know. The fact that 10 weeks from conception the baby already has:

– a heartbeat
– arms and legs
– fingers and toes
– all of their bodily organs
– eyes
– a nose
– ears
– and a smile

All of the young people involved with this project are already active in the pro-life field. Each of us believe in the dignity of every human life from the moment of conception and feels called to stand up in defence of each life that is threatened in the womb. Each of us is aware of the need for a pro-life revolution like never before.

This is about bringing the truth to the streets, a truth which is so often hidden because of the controversial nature of the abortion issue. Project Truth aims to break the silence, to bring the facts streets, to engage in positive discussions with passers by in the hope that hearts and minds will be changed because the reality is – we are not just talking about ‘an issue’ – we are talking about unique human lives, lives that are under threat in the place they should be safest. Until each child is protected by law in their mother’s womb, we will continue to bear witness to the pro-life message and fight for the most basic human rights of the unborn – the right to life.

As we step out onto the streets, we also have in mind those who are in a crisis pregnancy and those who have been hurt by abortion. We know that many women find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances when they discover they are pregnant and often they see abortion as the only answer to the crisis. A crucial element of being pro-life is to offer these women real help in their crisis, to offer them hope and everything we can to help them have their child. We know that as well as ending a human life, abortion damages all those affected by it, from the mother to the family, friends and society. At SPUC Scotland, we work closely with Abortion Recover Care which is an organisation set up to counsel women and men who are suffering because of abortion. All of our leaflets have information on crisis pregnancy helplines and ARCH; both organisations help women day in and day out in an incredible way.

If you would like to be involved, please email or find us on our facebook page ‘Project Truth’

We are eager and ready to get started!:)

Stay tuned to find out how we get on this Saturday…

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