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Membership of SPUC is open to all who support the society’s aims and objects. The society has more than 45,000 members throughout the United Kingdom.



A branch of SPUC is a group of SPUC members working in unison with the society as a whole to gain the protection of the law for all unborn children. It is the local organ of the society, raising awareness, raising funds and influencing the community through leafleting, letters to the local press and organising public events.


Regional structure

Most branches of SPUC form part of regions, which enable branches to work together on major campaigns, and organise speakers’ courses to ensure the availability of trained speakers in the region. Regional committees also elect representatives to serve on the society’s national council.


National council and executive committee

SPUC’s national council is the society’s policy-making body. The council elects the national chairman, the vice-chairman and treasurer of the society. An executive committee and a Scottish executive committee are also elected to ensure the execution of the policies determined by the council.

The intake of council members from the regions ensures democracy in the society’s policy-making. Furthermore, with the exception of the national director and the general secretary, no paid staff or consultants of SPUC may serve on the council or executive committee. This protects the disinteredness of the decisions made by the Society’s policy-making and steering bodies.


SPUC Scotland Board

The SPUC Scotland Board is the executive committee that governs the running of the organisation in Scotland.  It is made up of elected SPUC members from the various regions in Scotland.

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