Rachel ‘WRITE to LIFE’ – Patriarchs of 1967 ‘Free Love’

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Rachel ‘WRITE to LIFE’ – Patriarchs of 1967 ‘Free Love’

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Yesterday marked fifty years since David Steel made the terrible decision to sponsor a Bill that led to the passing of the 1967 Abortion Act. In 2015, under Steel’s tragic legislation, over thirty babies were killed every day in Scotland alone. Yesterday also marked the day that abortion was devolved to the Scottish parliament. We have a chance to rectify the throwaway culture that accelerated in the 1960’s. WRITE to LIFE tries to capture the essence of humanity compassionately and creatively and point to where wrong turnings were taken. An ardent SPUC supporter and activist and poet Joe Biddulph does just that here:

Here we have the Patriarchs

Here we have the patriarchs
Of 1967
Who turned away from Heaven itself,
To make material heaven:

They still presume to lecture us,
On values like their own,
“Free Love” you’ve paid a lot for, chum,
In pain, in hearts turned stone:

On rape (in everything but name)
Of girls in mini-skirts
Bemused by all the specious filth
(Too late, they found it hurts!)

And the jewel of this philosophy –
The Koh-i-Noor of gloom –
The doctrine that it’s “liberty”
Killing children in the womb –

Killing children in the womb, my friend,
The highest aim and mark
Of those who turned the life-lights off
To stumble in the dark.

Forgive me: I remember well
That “Summertime of Love”
Bouncing through the swelling green,
A blithe blue sky above –

Remember how the steady things,
The sensible, were dimming,
Giving rootless generations,
And heaps of desperate women:

Abandoned in a few fond years,
Marriage, commitment  to others,
For  women stretched to breaking-point
As battling single mothers:

How children thrown from place to place
Admire grandparents’ peace,
And wish the swish of ’Sixties harm
For just a while could cease:

Betrayed! Betrayed! And grumbling staff,
Know what’s in disposal bins,
And worry how those arms and legs
Go to Moloch for our sins,

And why that “Freedom” now should mean
So much of death and sorrow,
So few to take the torch of life,
So much despair tomorrow.

Here we have the patriarchs
Of 1967.
I’m not proud to stand among them:
I’m not proud to be that leaven.

    Joseph Biddulph (born 1951) May 2016 for WRITE to LIFE
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