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We have just completed our second Project Truth summer roadshow and this year we were able to reach double the number of towns and cities!

With a strong team of 14 young people from all across the UK, we split into 2 teams each day and traveled to 2 towns and cities. We visited Edinburgh, Linlithgow, Dundee, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth, Dunfermline, Stirling and Kirkcaldy. In each place we set up a stall in a central location and gave out information about the development of the unborn baby, in the first 10 weeks gestation. The reason we focus on this time frame is 1) because most abortions in the UK take place in the first 10 weeks and 2) because many people have bought into the pro-abortion rhetoric that deems the unborn baby ‘a blob of cells’ until they are at a certain gestational stage. On our stall we have images of the unborn baby at various stages in the first 10 weeks of their life and people are usually amazed to see what the baby looks like & how quickly they are developing in those first few weeks. Thomas, 19, who took part in the roadshow said I thought it was wonderful to see the amazement of people at the development of the child in the womb. Some people we spoke to had not realised before just how quickly development happens, and they were often interested in learning about it.”

Over the course of the week the team had many conversations with members of the public, some short, some up to an hour long. When taking to the streets with a subject that is both controversial and uncomfortable for many people to discuss, there will always be difficult discussions and hostile responses from some, but overall the majority of the conversations that took place were positive. Even when people disagreed, most were happy to enter into dialog. We know that many people have been personally affected by abortion & made sure to be as sensitive and compassionate as possible when speaking to people in this situation. We were approached by people of all ages and backgrounds, some had firm opinions on the issue from both sides of the argument and some hadn’t really thought about it in much depth and were open to discussion. Throughout the week we carried out a survey which presented people with the following questions:

  1. Should the Abortion law be devolved to Scotland?
  2. Should abortion for disability be permitted during the full term of pregnancy?
  3. Are abortion time limits in the UK too high?
  4. For what situations to you think abortion should be permitted?

A large number of people filled in the questionnaire throughout the course of the week. The general feedback was that the vast majority of the people we spoke to thought the abortion limits were too high in the UK, that abortion for disability should not be allowed during the full term of pregnancy and that abortion should only be allowed in extreme cases. We may have only reached a small percentage of the population, but it was encouraging to see that most people were not happy with the current situation with regards to abortion in this country. There is still a lot of work to be done to help people be open and responsive to the fullness of the pro-life message, but we at least saw a glimpse of a movement in people’s consciences.

Project Truth team member Lily, 19, had this to say about her experience of the week The roadshow was an excellent experience and opened my eyes to the lack of information shared with the public about what an abortion really involves and the humanity of the unborn baby. Although there were mixed responses from the public, most of those who took the time to have a conversation with us realised the importance of standing up for the rights of the unborn children who have no voice. It was also great to meet other young people who had a real interest in the prolife movement and gave me a lot of courage that what we were doing was right”

This event is a great opportunity to bring young pro-lifers together on mission and help get the pro-life message onto the streets in a vibrant and positive way. We will continue to build this project and look forward to planning the roadshow for next year!








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