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Continuing our series of interviewing pro-life activists who are working to build a culture of Life in Scotland and elsewhere.

This week focuses on Dr A Majid Katme.

He provides invaluable information to us at HQ SPUC Scotland and we are grateful for that.

He was very involved with defeating the Marris Bill on Assisted Suicide.



Dr A Majid Katme is 72 y old (though pro-life work makes you look younger than he is!!)

He is based in London but assists us up in Scotland.

He is the Muslim Coordinator for SPUC/London  and has been for about 25 years

When did he first become aware of being prolife?

Since about 25 years ago
I campaign for the Pro-life cause on:
-Islamic grounds
-Medical  Ethical grounds
-Humane grounds
-Social/Marital grounds
-Economic grounds

How is he active in prolife, and in what capacity?

Publicising the Muslim Pro-life campaign on Muslim TV/radio
Writing articles
Answering Consultations
Working/lobbying Muslim representatives in over 10 International  UN Conferences

Because in Islam:

We get to save TWO lives

Saving the life of an innocent unborn child
Avoids women getting a lot of psychological and physical disorders

What advice for someone who wants to stand for prolife but is nervous about doing so? 

Have a good pro-life education (available to any volunteer with SPUC Scotland)
Join others in different activities – check out SPUC Scotland pro-life events calendar and facebook page.

Dr Majid’s  future plans?

To carry on my Pro-life Muslim Campaign in the UK/EU/World  and to all the 1600 million Muslims in the world if GOD gives me longer life!
Check out this Website:


There is no stereotype of a prolife activist.  People from different walks of life and faiths, or non-faiths, value life.  

The media fail to portray this.   Mary Doogan, one of the midwives at the centre of the conscientious objection case

said at our SPUC Scotland conference last week: “It is natural to be for life.  You have to opt out to become other than for life”

Connie and Mary  The Glasgow midwives Mary Doogan and Connie Wood who have bravely stood up for life.

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