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ARCH (Abortion Recovery Care & Helpline) is a sister-organisation of SPUC, offering help for women, men and families who are suffering after an abortion experience.

They offer:

  • Support to those struggling in the aftermath of a personal abortion experience.
  • Free, confidential, one-to-one counselling, telephone counselling
  • Where possible support group counselling
  • Working with and referring clients to other professionals when appropriate.

ARCH supports and encourages the development of honest, caring support networks throughout the country. They encourage further research into Post Abortion Trauma and awareness campaigns to promote a greater understanding of PAT.

ARCH also provides speakers for schools, colleges and other groups and works with the media at all levels upon request.

To speak to a counsellor please call the helpline number: 0845 603 8501

To put in a request for a school speaker please call: 0141 226 5407 or email

You can also visit the ARCH website here:

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