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Sign the petition: Say ‘No’ to Abortion Decriminalisation


I am completely against the campaign by various organisations to decriminalise abortion.

1. Decriminalisation is unnecessary
Supporters of decriminalisation argue that there is a need to take abortion out of the criminal law to prevent women living under the threat of prosecution. In reality, abortion is happening on a massive scale and prosecutions are extremely rare and have happened only twice in recent years for extreme cases. Women are not living in fear of prosecution over abortion.

2. Decriminalisation is unpopular
In the last few years, polls have consistently shown that a larger proportion of women want more, not fewer restrictions on abortion. A ComRes poll in May 2017 found that only 1% of women wanted to see the time limit for abortion extended above 24 weeks and only 1% of women wanted to see the time limit for abortion extended through to birth. The poll also found that 91% of women favour a total and explicit ban on sex-selective abortion. Clearly, women want the law to be stricter on the legality and regulation of abortion, not more lax.

3. Decriminalisation puts women at greater risk
Abortion already hurts women but decriminalisation of abortion will potentially increase the number of unqualified individuals and vulnerable women administering both surgical and medical abortions including DIY abortions, making abortion even more risky.

4. Decriminalisation is undemocratic
Abortion is not just like any other medical treatment. It is a controversial moral and social issue and its regulation matters to people. Many of the calls to decriminalise abortion claim control will be through regulatory authorities and clinical and professional standards. This removes the highly controversial issue of abortion from the accountability of the democratic process and prevents citizens from having an opportunity to lobby their representatives on the matter.

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