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Since becoming pregnant and over the course of my child’s development in the womb, I have become increasingly disturbed by the mantra we so often here from pro-abortion groups – ‘My body, my choice’.

I’d heard this statement so many times over the years that I’d almost become numb to it, but now while I contemplate the life that is growing in my body, this argument which still underpins the whole pro-abortion ideology has brought a new level of disturbance to me.

While I was at the annual pro-life vigil in Glasgow last month, as I stood at the back of the pro-life crowd and close to the backs of the pro-abortion group who were shouting their ever so familiar chants, I felt even more protective of my little boy in my womb. It gave me chills to think that I could walk over to them, tell them I was 22 weeks pregnant (with a very obvious bump and kicking baby in utero), say I had decided I didn’t want to have this baby…and they would support ‘my right to choose’ to kill my child. The sinister reality of their belief and their mission hit me hard and instinctively I didn’t want to be near them, or have my child near them. Yet they claim they represent us women, with heroic efforts to fight for our rights when in fact the stark and undeniable reality is that what they fight for, is the right to kill.

Interestingly, if I walked up to the same group of people and said I’ve decided I’m going to get in my car and drive to Edinburgh on the wrong side of the motorway at 100mph, I’m going to assume that they wouldn’t be so supportive of my ‘right to choose’ in this scenario. Why? Would it be wrong to choose to do so? I’m going to assume that they would agree that it is. That they would be happy to say that they can’t condone it, not just because it’s illegal, but because it’s wrong to put my own life and others at risk in such a direct way. My ‘right to choose’ would not be upheld in this case, because some choices are simply wrong. What I cannot fathom in light of this, is the incoherency of the logic and the moral blindness behind their stance on abortion.

Is it not time for the moral reality that we are dealing with, to cut through the mantras and rhetoric of the pro-abortion movement? Science states that the life of the unborn child is biologically unique and distinct from the mother, from the moment of conception. Women have scans at 12 weeks and announce that they are expecting a baby. We now have a clearer window into the womb than ever before, and we know we are dealing with a human being. History proves that in the past we have undermined the humanity of our fellow human beings and denied their rights, with the existence of injustices such as slavery; an injustice that was legal. Therefore with science on our side and history to learn from, we can stand quite firmly and unashamedly in the knowledge and conviction that – Abortion is wrong. This ‘choice’ is wrong. It always is. We simply cannot justify the killing of our own children. This is not a right, and it is a moral tragedy that we claim it should be.

As a mother my instinct is to protect my unborn child and if I was ever in a situation where I felt I couldn’t cope, ie a crisis pregnancy, the last people I would like to meet on the path of seeking help would be a group of people who fight for ‘my right to choose’. I do not want the right to choose to kill my child. In fact I shudder at the thought someone would wish to grant me this right! These individuals are not for my welfare, because ending the life of my child that I carry in my body would never bring that about. Why not fight for my right to get the support I need? My right to a safe and secure place to have my child? My right to be free from the unsupportive or abusive relationship that has led me into this place of fear? But please do not fight for that which will destroy two lives, my child’s and my own, and claim you support my anything.

So to the members of these abortion groups, please put aside the placards and quieten the chants for enough time to take a good hard look at what you stand for. In the meantime, I’ll keep myself and my unborn child well clear of your path.

Rachel Munro

Development Officer

SPUC Scotland

(Picture – Rachel with her Godson and unborn son)

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