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Rob Marris MP Wolverhampton South WestThe House of Commons today (11 Sep 2015) provided some excellent contributions which underlined the dangers of assisted suicide and the importance of ethical support for those suffering pain and illness. A convincing majority of MPs have chosen to reject the assisted suicide bill of Robert Marris MP (pictured) The vote was 118 for the bill and 330 against.

The real efforts for dignity and compassion are delivered by the valiant medical staff and carers up and down the country.
The bill aimed to introduce assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in England and Wales but no doubt any such change would have had an effect in Scotland.

The issue has been well and truly debated in the Scottish Parliament several times and in the House of Lords several times. Today’s vote in the house of commons affirms that the arguments for any forms of intentional killing, no matter how sincerely motivated, are misplaced and a danger to the well-being of vulnerable people and society as a whole. The right to life places a solemn duty on the state to protect all lives and we are pleased that members of parliament have voted appropriately to ensure that duty is fulfilled.

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