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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it, we’re pro-life and we’re gonna shout it!”


Yesterday, March for Life UK put out a great blog which asks the question,

Who has noticed the increasing number of pro-lifers willing to publicly witness to what they believe?

It’s so true! Even over the past year, events like March for Life have grown so much and with over 2000 participants in Birmingham this year, many travelling by coach from afar (like us from Scotland) you really felt the gain in momentum. You felt the game being stepped up. It was a joy to see so many happy, joyful people being a witness to life.

Scottish contingent on their way to March for Life UK

Scottish contingent on their way to March for Life UK


It’s not easy to put yourself at the forefront of activism, I understand fully what that feels like. However, it is necessary. We’re here, we’re pro-life and we’re not going away.

I think for many people, they’ve realised that something has to be done, and they need to be involved. I think others have wanted to be actively involved for a long time but have maybe been afraid of confrontation, whether that be from the opposition, family members or friends. But they’ve slowly been becoming more active and this is great to see. I think we’ve become better at networking and being there for each other and all striving in unison to create a culture of life.

The March for Life UK blog mentioned Scotland’s first 40 Days for Life Campaign which took place in Glasgow. That campaign drew record numbers of supporters. Often we had more than 20 people at the vigil site. On the last night we held silent vigil by candlelight for the final hour, which 114 people came to! Not only did it look special, it felt very special too and was quite emotional to see how many people want to do something about the culture of death we’re living in.DSC_2417

On occasion, groups of students piled out of cars to join the vigil site after making 40 Days for Life their society activity for that week. I had a group of young people who were willing not only to be actively involved on the vigil site, but to help go round the crowd at raDSC_2313lly’s and sign people up to vigil hours. Sisters Maddy and Lily entertained the crowd through song at the mid-point rally and offered their talents towards a great cause.

There were a few memorable pictures taken of the young people during 40 Days for Life which really inspired a lot of people – much to our surprise! I remember coming in to work one morning and I had my usual email from LifeSite News in my inbox – imagine my surprise when I opened it to see our faces standing in George Square, Glasgow at the opening rally for 40 Days for Life!! The picture had not only made it into Scottish papers, it had traveled to America and was being used for LifeSite News and official 40 Days for Life blogs! This is one of the examples of what I mean by networking, we’re recognising what others are doing and we’re encouraging each other.

Pro-Life Warriors


March for Life also mentioned Project Truth in their blog. Another example of how young people are becoming more actively involved in the pro-life movement. The energy that the young people involved have and the zest from protecting life is amazing. You can read a recent blog about Project Truth here.

In Scotland a coalition has formed called Don’t Stop a Beating Heart where loads of groups have come together to support 7 core principles :

  • Human life is of immeasurable value and should be defendedDSABH Logo
  • Lawmakers must be consistent in defending the weakest and protecting all
  • Abortion damages women and stops a beating heart
  • There is always a better solution to abortion
  • Women and girls in a crisis pregnancy need far more support
  • Abortion discriminates against people with disability (more than 90% of Downs and Spina Bifida babies diagnosed with the condition are not given the chance to live)
  • Abortions are contrary to the most elementary principles of healthcare


Check out the Don’t Stop a Beating Heart landing page. And be sure to have a read of the March for Life UK blog.




Louise Roxy
Louise Roxy
Development Officer and Project Truth Coordinator for SPUC Scotland and Coordinator for ARCH. Louise began her pro-life work as a volunteer with The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative and from there became more actively involved in the pro-life movement. She feels deeply that society has to know that we are not here to condemn women, we are here to help them. We can offer help in a crisis pregnancy situation and also post abortion healing to those struggling after an abortion experience.
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