“Look Who’s Talking” approach by Scotland’s North Ayrshire Council hides a Silent Message

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“Look Who’s Talking” approach by North Ayrshire Council hides a Silent Message


You would think using the voice of a baby in the womb to describe maternity services would be the preserve of the pro-life movement.  Not so, for North Ayrshire council, have taken a leaf out of Hollywood’s book and the hit film “Look who’s talking” where the child talks from conception onwards.   Wow! sounds great that all of the 82 pages in North Ayrshire’s Children’s services plan are addressed to children and young people themselves.  With some sections addressed to the unborn child!

There are ACTUAL PLEDGES to the unborn child on page 4 with North Ayrshire Council promising:

  • your mum will have a named midwife who will look after both of you
    • if your mum smokes, drinks alcohol or takes substances when she is pregnant with you, we will offer her a programme to help her to stop
  • we will help your mum if she wants to breastfeed, as this is best for you
    • we will support your dad and family members as they will be of great support to you and your mum

Boldly stating on p18 “we will make sure that decisions about any plans, treatment or activities put your needs first and concentrate on keeping you safe and healthy”

Remember Simon and Garfunkel’s infamous song ‘the Sound of Silence’ with the classic line ‘silence like a cancer gro0ws”?

simonandgarfunkel    –   well there is no better way to describe the omissions in North Ayrshire Council’s plan, which you can review here

The truth is North Ayrshire’s promises are conditional on whether the mother wants to continue with the pregnancy.

It doesn’t say that, ‘If your mum decides you would be an inconvenience to her, or if she discovers that you have some form of disability and she doesn’t want to continue with the pregnancy, then all our pledges to put your needs first and to keep you safe and healthy will count for nothing. We will support your mum in her decision to destroy you before you are born.’

It doesn’t say it.  But that’s what it means.


Far from being light in the darkness this use of ‘baby talk’ is not a step towards pro-life compassion but a step nearer the culture of death.  Language has long been a very powerful tool for manipulation.  On the rare occasions Jesus displayed anger it was at the hypocrisy of pharisees and lawyers well versed in language, rhetoric and trickery.

George Orwell’s iconic 1984 gave a twentieth century spin on this abuse of language.  He called it doublespeak and it was engineered not only to undermine the spoken truth but to dislocate rational thought and spread doubt and fear.

The pro-choice movement is becoming more cunning.  They know there is no scientific support for their position that a baby in the womb is not a human being, like us.  So they will admit that the child in utero is human.  Yet their right to life can be vetoed by women’s choices.

People were shocked by the 1938 British play “Gas Light”.  A husband attempts to drive his wife crazy using various tricks, including dimmed gas lighting, causing her to question her own perceptions and sanity.  Pro-lifers need to constantly stand in the true light and be ‘cunning as serpents but harmless as doves’ against the ploys of the pro-choice movement.


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