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In Memoriam – a poem to remember that 48 years ago today on 27 October 1967, abortion was legalised in this country.  Since then 8,400,000 children have had their fundamental right to life taken away.  Many millions of women, too, have experienced loss instead of love and often because they didn’t get the help and support they needed to ‘choose life’ during their pregnancy.  Let us remember these 8.4 million individuals and hope their deaths, through abortion, will change people’s hearts and minds and rid us of this death culture.  Towards a culture which loves, protects and nurtures all lives and respects intrinsic human dignity.


In Memoriam

1. Conceived Our Span measured
In a few rotations
As our earth-home turns.

Our mortal remains
Consigned to earth or urns.
Our waygoing
As little understood as
our beginning

2. But in that brief Being
to have been the centre
of a Universe –
Or that small part of it
We were…we’ve known.

An understanding
So intense
So real…
That makes Not Being!

3. Tracing our pedigree
To first parents
Leaves us with
But a stem.
For “How took they root?”
“Who begot them?”

4. And this boundless place
We cannot measure.
This limitless space
of infinite treasure.
Why spend so little
conscious time therein?

One life
A mere momentary light
And gone –
Not to be rekindled
Else by the first Kindler.

(JRMcCluskey © 1990)

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