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The liberal scientific think-tank of the Netherlands just came to the conclusion that the current abortion-law is against the liberal principle that ‘every life has value’.  This includes the life of a ‘fetus’ before 24 weeks!  The most striking remark is: ‘Nederland toestaat dat een kinderleven in de meest kwetsbare fase overgeleverd is aan de wil van de moeder, en de toevallige omstandigheden waarin zij verkeert”, noemt zij „een ongemakkelijke waarheid.”’  Which roughly translated means ‘the Netherlands allows a child’s life in it’s most fragile phase (fetus), to be entirely dependable upon a mother’s self-determination’.  They call this an undesirable situation and are pleading for a RESTRICTION of current abortion law! and this is a real sea-change in the Netherlands.  The way pregnancy termination is currently allowed in the Netherlands, is contrary to the liberal principle that each individual human life in itself is valuable. The concept of ’emergency-pregnancy’ in the current abortion law should be strengthened,  argues the Liberal writer Charlotte Lockefeer-Maas in the edition of the Liberal Reveil that appeared Wednesday. Lockefeer-Maas is editor of this magazine published by the Prof. B.M. TeldersStichting, the scientific think-tank of the ruling liberal party VVD.

The Liberals must consider, according to Lockefeer-Maas that the majority of abortions in Netherlands are performed because of socio-economic reasons. “Terminating a pregnancy is killing a living human life”, according to the editor.

The pro-abortion argument that termination of pregnancy is entirely the self-determination of the woman called Lockefeer-Maas not sustainable. “Undeniably is damage to another lifetime inflicted, in the most extreme extent that other life comes to an end.”

Also abortion after a rape is unjustifiable by only referring to the self-determination of women. “The question that must be answered is: How does one justify evil (the crime of the rape) with another evil (ending an innocents persons life?).”

Liberals, who base their political thinking on the individual, have to recognize that new life begins at conception. “The smallest embryo is valuable in itself and not only after 24 weeks, or if the individual can be considered an autonomous being”, she argues in the Liberal magazine Reveil. That the Netherlands allows a child’s life in the most vulnerable phase to be totally surrendered at the mother’s will”and the accidental circumstances in which it finds itself”, she calls “an inconvenient truth.”

If the health of the baby and/or the mother are at stake, then choosing abortion after a personal consideration of the involved is justified, according to Lockefeer-Maas. The current abortion law however goes far beyond the legal measures of such exceptional situations. She advocates the concept of “emergency” in the current abortion law must be applied much more strictly, “in order that the right to life and the value of each human life, also that under 24 weeks, is recognized and respected.”

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