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Unthinkable to increase psychological trauma

At early weeks baby is already well developed

At early weeks baby is already well developed

As abortifacient procedures go RU486 is not at all easy to use..It’s an appalling psychological ordeal

 That’s not my opinion but the view of Edouard Sakiz the Chairman in 1990 of the pharmaceutical company that makes that particular abortion pill.

Some used the occasion of the Royal College of Nurses meeting in Glasgow to call for women to be allowed to have abortions at home.

Only in the fantasy world of abortion, where reality is routinely denied, can pushing women to the ordeal of delivering a dead tiny baby be sold as progress.

But a small determined group would have the wool pulled further over our eyes by claiming that the decriminalisation of abortion and widespread medical abortion is in the interest of women.

The steep rise in medical abortions (which uses RU486 to induce early childbirth before the child can survive) has been accompanied by women contacting our help services much earlier after their abortion because they cannot maintain the denial after seeing the reality of the aftermath of abortion.

So many women wish they had known better or that the law hadn’t allowed them to go down the path of suffering which abortion is for so many of them.

Just this week our office received a message from a woman struggling after abortion

I did not know what it was going to be like…the regret and the pain suddenly hits you but there’s nothing you can do…it’s happened, and you know it was a mistake, and there’s nothing you can do.

Abortion should be unthinkable but so many have become entangled in it that they rather justify it than come to terms with what they have done. Thus the pretense that it is an advancement of society for doctors to kill the young in the womb. The advocates for further decent in to the abyss of killing claim that restraints to abortion belong to the Victorian age to kill our young. They may find that a useful tag line but does it really make sense. Is the advancement of time an assurance that things are getting better? Does that make sense in a world where the progress of time has seen the rise of worldwide terror plots or the increase of human trafficking. Somethings were worse in the Victorian age and some were better. That killing the child in a mother’s womb would have been regards as abhorrent in Victorian days is one thing on which it was more civilized than our own age.




John Deighan
John Deighan
CEO of Spuc Scotland
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