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Fertility Care Scotland is now in its 40th year of helping couples learn about Natural Methods of Fertility Regulation.  Every woman is entitled to this information.  The Billings Ovulation Method has been validated by eminent scientists and is a very reliable method of natural fertility regulation.  It can be used to space your family, to achieve pregnancy or for monitoring reproductive health.  Fertility Care Scotland’s volunteers do a 4-Day rigorous training course (RCGP Accredited) every three years.

They give of their time freely to help couples learn the Billings Ovulation Method.   They provide this service for FREE.  They have helped many couples achieve a much-wanted pregnancy.   Fertility Care Scotland receives a small grant from the Scottish Government.  WHY? because the NHS will not provide this life affirming service.


What can a couple expect when they come to a clinic?  Couples will be seen on a one-to-one basis.  The consultation is confidential and free of charge.   The initial consultation takes ONE HOUR where the method will be explained.  If the couple decides to learn the method, they will be given charts and literature to take home and a follow-up appointment will be arranged for two weeks later.  They now have an on-line charting APP that can be used once a couple is familiar with the method!

The Billings Ovulation Method is a truly GREEN METHOD.  It has NO side-effects as the woman is simply learning to observe the natural signs and symptoms that occur throughout her cycle.  The method can be used at any stage of a woman’s reproductive health and is VERY EASY TO LEARN.

The method is as effective as any contraceptive method and is highly successful in achieving pregnancy.  The method is acceptable to all cultures and faiths.  Fertility Care Scotland has centres in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow and hold a minimum of ten clinics every month.  Check out their website at www.fertilitycare.org.uk & make an appointment or for further information.

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