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You can help make a difference in the Pro-life battle in Scotland – stay informed, be inspired and into action!

All great human rights battles in history, to be victorious, needed people brave enough to stand up and speak out against injustice.  Most of the attacks against life in the world today are actually sanctioned by current Laws.  Abraham Lincoln once famously said; “No law can give me the right to do what is wrong.”


Abortion is THE greatest destroyer of life in the world today; EVERY year 50 million (probably many more) unborn children worldwide lose their lives because of abortion. In Scotland, 33 unborn children are aborted every single day; this means a full class of school pupils is killed daily.   If our society respected the dignity of human life from the moment of conception, this would be reported as the grave tragedy which it is.  Instead this atrocity is surrounded by silence.  SPUC Scotland are here to break that silence.

Assisted Suicide too is being pushed forward in the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Courts.  We successfully assisted in defeating the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill in 2010 and recently in 2015.  This barbaric act would have made it legal for people as young as 16 to assist another person to commit suicide, or request it themselves.  Another grave attack on the dignity of the human person, and distorts the true meaning of ‘compassion’.  Proponents of Assisted Suicide often argue on the basis of autonomy–the patient’s freedom to make decisions about his or her own treatment.  Yet, to invoke autonomy in this way is a misunderstanding of the concept of autonomy, overlooking the principle that the patient’s freedom entails a responsibility to act ethically  A society which agrees that it is better for a person to die, rather than be helped to live, is a society which has lost sight of what it means to care for its citizens. This is an extremely dangerous attack against the sick and vulnerable, one which we must not allow into this country.

William Wilberforce, slavery abolitionist, said “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”  

Our Vision is that in knowing the extent of the human rights injustices that exist in our lifetime, in Scotland, you will Join Us and do what you can to help us in this pro-life mission.

HERE are ways that you can be involved with SPUC Scotland.

1.  Become a SPUC member

2. Join your local branch – find details of your nearest branch here.   Or set up a branch in your area and we can provide you with all of the information and support you need.

3. Become a White Flower Appeal speaker/collector in your local area and help us with much needed fundraising.

4. Become a Speaker at Schools

5.  Join Project Truth: Our new outreach project for young people aged 16-30.

6. Creative writing / blogging / perfomance opportunities

To find out more please contact SPUC Scotland at: or call: 0141 221 2094.



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