Today’s Pregnancy Screening and Charlie Chaplin – more of a link than you’d think!

Marcos’ mother sent this video, from Brazil, starring her son.  As a mother of a child with Down syndrome she wanted to provide the opportunity for appreciation of human diversity.  Charlie Chaplin was the inspiration for the beautiful film. Marcos’ mother wisely pointed out, that even without speaking, so much can be communicated.

The rise in abortions for Down’s, from 662 in 2014 to 689 in 2015 is of great concern to all pro-life advocates and a deep motivation to work against this destructive and unequal tide by The Don’t Screen Us Out campaign.  These figures will RISE with a new, more sensitive test for Down’s syndrome.  The result will be an increase in all abortions and eugenics will be the desired reality.  Against this de-humanisation Charlie Chaplin, the great mime artist and Marco from Brazil’s inspiration, BROKE HIS SILENCE.  Many say Chaplin’s ‘the greatest speech on humanity’ cost him his career as he warned ‘We are men not machines, we must have the love of humanity in our hearts’.

Today there is a manipulative use of mime and silence in pregnancy screening.  

Imagine you are nervous, a little tense, hoping for the best news that your wanted baby, up on the screen, is everything you dreamt of.  Everything everyone tells you a baby must be.  You grin, maybe too much, in this strange hospital in an unfamiliar part of town and the smell of antiseptic makes you slightly naseaus.   Then in what could only be a split second your insides are in orbit and your head is a lead weight.  You lie down, only to float to the large white tiled ceiling above and look down a removed observor.  The Sonographer continues detached, slightly robotic “I am very sorry to tell you that it has Down Syndrome and she has a heart problem.”  Girl? I am having a girl – a moment of joy then dragged back down crouching from the two bullets.  “Heart problems that means my baby will die, doesn’t it?  Downs what? Downs syndrome.  I don’t understand. “

“The midwife will explain in Glasgow” the sonographer says without looking up now as she has so many forms to fill in.  “Glasgow? I .. we live over 50 miles away on the east coast. We live in a village outside Edinburgh.  Our youngest is only two, we have no family to help us with babysitting.  That’s why my husband is not here now… I thought this was a routine scan.”

“It’s the centralisation of the services I am afraid.  It’s been terrible for many of the midwives – they have had to relocate.  We all have to make difficult decisions.  Like you.  Have you thought about a termination?  It will be the first question the midwives ask you in Glasgow, if you go.  If you want my opinion, though obviously I am neutral on this, it sounds like it might be best all round to abort.  You have an infant at home anyway.  You are young and can start again.  No one will blame you.  There’s no stigma anymore and no-one wants a disabled child.  It’s great we have the choice to avoid that suffering.  Less financial strain on the rest of us.  We are all feeling the pinch these days with cost of living.   Here’s a leaflet from ARC read it over they are completely neutral and confidential”.

Far fetched? unfortunately not.

The language and sequence of the questions in ARC’s leaflet alone are persuasive and coercive.  With the specialists recommendation sealing the tomb for many infants that would have probably survived but for ARC’s self-fulfilling prophecy.  The expectations of how the parents will behave are presented as fact.  The service providers then behave in a way that will elicit the expected behaviour.  The parents behaves in a way that confirms expectations.

Multiple self-fulfilling prophecies are running concurrently.  The expectation that the woman will be inconsolably anxious.  The expectation of the burden of travel caused by the centralisation of services.  The centralisation then becomes justified as the services are not used and abortion opted for instead.  The underpinning self fulfilling prophecy that it is kinder to abort children who’s lives are not worth living cause a genocide of that community.  The ones that are born face less protection.

The absence of the self fulfilling prophecy we all know would create a fairer more beautiful world.  That of saying ‘take your time’ ‘you are bound to have a range of feelings’  ‘why don’t you talk to people who have probably felt just like you are feeling now but who have gone on to feel joyous about their child.

Choice is an illusion.  The powerful and misogynistic must rub their hands in glee as women, engineered through the herd instinct, became cash cows for Marie Tropes and other abortion mills. ‘My body, my choice’ the mantra for the so-called enlightened – is just the excuse abortion providers need to evade any corporate responsibility for the effects and after-effects on society from the abortions they execute creating the eugenic deserts they desire.

Political correctness drives the self-fulfilling prophecy.  It is the diction in what is said that holds the power and the political correct machine knows that.  So in Scotland they plan to centralise cleft palate services adding the travel burden at a vulnerable time.  Unsurprisingly then women leave with abortion leaflets instead of help.

Lynn Murray, UK campaign director for Don’t Screen Us Out says “Scientists invest lots of time and effort into producing better tests for Down Syndrome.  I saw them, the pride in their work around DS was obvious, then the population falls.  I was reminded only last week after a successful protest at Westminter, by my daughter’s speech therapy department, that children with DS may have different clinical needs to others.  I would think this should mean I might expect more from them – but they say  that these cases are a small minority of their caseload! This is one example of the therapeutic interventions which are limited and self-fulfill negative prophesies”

Renate Lindeman director Downpride in the Netherlands states similar detrimental self-fulfilling prophecies.  “While governments want to reduce care-costs, it does not explain why a global industry is dedicated to eradicating Down syndrome. They build on a decennia old ‘tradition’ where screening for Down syndrome has become normalized. Instead of risky, invasive test-methods they now offer safe, effective and non-invasive alternatives called ‘Harmony’, ‘Tranquility’ and ‘MaterniT21’. Advertorials on the Nipt, slickly marketing ‘piece of mind’ appeared in women’s magazines before the Nipt even entered the market. Why?  Within several years it is expected that the Nipt moves beyond detecting trisomy’s and will effectively detect smaller genetic variations or risks for early heart-disease, cancer or schizophrenia, etc. This is called genotyping.

“Genotyping still-healthy people was already identified as a major obstacle for the new industry of ‘personalized medicine’ when it was still only theoretical. People will, essentially, get a DNA-passport (a sort of bar-code) and may prefer not to know. Others (rightfully) fear this knowledge will lead to genetic discrimination. This hurdle appears to be taken if a Nip-test will be implemented as a first line national screening program. Once full acceptance of the Nipt for Down syndrome is achieved, the scope of testing will change and new patients will be identified before birth.”

The Down-test is likely only to be the start for the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry which will knowingly kill innocent lives for profit.  All lives matter and we must protect life.  Chaplin’s speech is as relative today as it was then: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nKm_wA-WdI4


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