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Abortion Recovery Care & Helpline (ARCH) is an organisation, founded by post-abortive women, which offers services and support for women, men and families to restore their lives and relationships after an abortion experience.

It is committed to exposing the truth of abortion’s tragedy in our community that women deserve better than abortion.

ARCH offers:

  • Support to those struggling in the aftermath of a personal abortion experience.
  • Free, confidential, one-to-one counselling, telephone counselling
  • Where possible support group counselling
  • Working with and referring clients to other professionals when appropriate.

ARCH recognises that there is a great need for much in-depth work in the area of post-abortion healing. ARCH supports and encourages the development of honest, caring support networks throughout the country. ARCH encourages further research into Post-Abortion Trauma as  the key to healing.

ARCH’s work also involves broad based awareness campaigns to promote a greater understanding of Post Abortion Trauma (PAT).

ARCH is committed to raising awareness of the damage abortion causes to many women and men and their families.  To this end it provides speakers for schools, colleges and other groups and works with the media at all levels, making appearances on radio and television, and giving interviews to newspapers and periodicals.

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