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Scotland’s latest abortion statistics shows the rates have fallen to their lowest in 11 years.

A total of 11,777 terminations were carried out in 2013, representing a rate of 11.2 per 1,000 women aged 15-44, official health statistics show (see the stats here). This is the lowest abortion rate since 2002, when the rate was 11.1, and it continues the downward trend since 2008, when abortion rates peaked at 13.3.

While SPUC Scotland believes even one abortion is one too many, we do welcome the trend for a continued reduction in Scotland’s abortion rates. However, we also view the continued abortion statistics as a tragedy as behind each of these figures is an unborn child whose life has been ended and a woman, and often a family, who have endured the heartache a crisis pregnancy and abortion can cause. “The only solution the abortion industry offers the woman in the crisis pregnancy is the death of her child. When the pressure of the crisis evaporates what then begins is the search for understanding of why she chose abortion and her part in that decision. It can be a living hell for many and can take years to confront the pain. We at ARCH see and hear this pain on a daily basis and this is why the work of SPUC must expose the reality of this abuse of mothers and their children.” (Margaret Cuthil, ARCH)

One of the main aims of the prolife movement in Scotland is to raise awareness of the developments of baby in the womb and the humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception and this is a message we believe is beginning to resonate with people across the country.

However, as the abortion rates for babies at 9 weeks gestation and under continues to increase, now reaching over 69%, we feel our Project Truth campaign is now more vital than ever before.

Project truth sees young prolifers take to streets of Scotland’s towns and cities with information on the real story of early life in the womb. The focus of this project is on the development of the unborn baby before 10 weeks gestation and we are seeing the impact this has on people. Once people recognise the humanity of the unborn child at such an early stage, they are no longer as susceptible to the lies of the abortion industry, which says that ‘it’s just a clump of cells’. We need to dispel this myth and work hard to show people the truth about the unborn child’s life in the womb, in the firm belief that it will change hearts and continue to bring down the abortion statistics, and we will do this until there are none.

This summer we will be taking Project Truth on the road and visiting 6 cities over 6 days, if you can support this event in any way please get in touch!

For anyone who is suffering in the aftermath of an abortion experience, you can contact Margaret at Abortion Recover Care on 08456038501


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