Abortion is a weapon targeted on the weak and marginalised

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Abortion is a weapon targeted on the weak and marginalised

NEW figures released today by the NHS in Scotland have revealed a substantial increase in abortions where there is a risk of a baby being born seriously disabled.

Between 2011/2016, the number rose by 57%. The world’s longest established pro-life group, SPUC Scotland’s CEO, John Deighan said: “The new figures show us that there’s a contradiction between our commitment to equality for the disabled and a women’s ‘right to choose’. In Scotland, we rightly go to great lengths to accommodate people with a disability, yet as a society we are eradicating them before they are born, thus sending a bleak message to our disability community.”

Mr Deighan added “No one recognises genocide in their own time. One day, like all other state sanctioned killings, abortion will be a thing of history books. Indeed, that day is already approaching, as a new poll reveals the majority of Britain’s are already against the current law, and as more scientific evidence points to the humanity and dignity of the unborn child.

The new statistics also reveal a disproportionate number of women from the most deprived areas in Scotland. In 2016 abortion rates for women in the most deprived areas were double that of those from the least deprived areas.  

“Every abortion is a tragedy, However, the fact that poorer women are more likely to have an abortion highlights that the government has failed women, by failing to provide a lack of viable alternatives.” 

Mr Deighan added: “The minority pushing the abortion agenda are way out of step with the rest of society. SPUC Scotland call on the Scottish Government to provide a more consistent approach when it comes to more weak and vulnerable members of society, and not eliminate them in the womb.” 



The statistics are available at http://www.isdscotland.org/health-Topics/Sexual-Health/Publications/index.asp#191




Michael J Robinson
Michael J Robinson
Director of Communications and Campaigns
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